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We would like to introduce you to the “What’s New” section of Blackwood’s Concrete.  Here you will find new information on our company, learn about what we are doing, get a taste of new products and material we are offering and see the awesome new projects we are working on for you and your neighbors!

stamped floating concrete patio

Floating stamped concrete patio

Over the course of the year, we find ourselves involved in many different unique projects.  One example is this fantastic patio that actually float over the water! How cool is that? Can you actually go out and stand on that?  Absolutely, the strength of durability of concrete & the materials used to support the weight of both the concrete and you are specifically designed to do exactly that.

While we often find ourselves creating a new sanctuary called a patio in our customer’s favorite place around their homes, we also stay busy creating many other  very cool concrete products.  Some of the more common items you might find us working on are outdoor patio tables, fireplace mantles and concrete benches.

What makes these unique and cool? It the personal touch that we put into every piece we create.  For you Vikings fans, we can stain a Vikings helmet on your patio table. Or maybe you like to relax in your back yard overlooking the lake at night. You could enjoy a beautiful table with glow in the dark rock and a fire feature to keep you warm on those chilly fall nights.

That’s the beauty of concrete. If we can imagine it, we can build it specifically for you and your space giving you a truly unique centerpiece in your home.

Please check back regularly to see what we have going on at Blackwood’s Concrete and we look forward to making your next piece of art!

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