About Us


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Located in Eveleth Minnesota, Blackwood’s Concrete has been serving the Iron Range since 2004 providing quality work with many different concrete applications.

If you are looking for designer concrete, stellar quality and unmatched service, you have come to the right place! Blackwood’s Concrete Specializes in many different concrete applications such as, stamped concrete, stained concrete, icf basements, concrete counter tops, concrete mantels, polished concrete, vertical stamped concrete, stone and more!

Whether you are looking for that custom counter top or mantel, or an elegant outdoor style with custom lines and colors, we are here to make your concrete needs happen.

We stand behind our work and will provide you with nothing less than the best. We know you take pride in your home. Therefore, we will always put you and your home first. We take great pride in our work and will always stand behind our product ensuring that you will be completely satisfied with your custom created, Blackwood’s Concrete product & design.

Social and environmental responsibility

Many of the materials we use comes directly from our natural resources. As a company, we strongly believe and practice environmental responsibility. We use recycled glass in projects, build energy efficient structures, keep a strict maintenance schedule on our equipment to maintain efficiency and much more to help do our part in preserving our planet.

We also believe in promoting and using our local economy as much as possible. From hiring employees from our local area to using as many local vendors, we stand behind the Iron Range community. After all, Blackwood’s Concrete is owned and operated by an Eveleth local whose family has called this area home for generations.

Our commitment to your home

Home is where the heart it. It is also where you go to to eat, sleep, enjoy time with your family and have a little fun. It is our mission to enrich all of those personal experiences through the work that we do. We strive to make our work an integral part of your home, something that you are proud of and enhance your experience and personal satisfaction while spending time at home.

Whether it’s the driveway you pull up on, the sidewalk that you walk in on, the table at which you eat or the foundation of your entire home, we will give you the highest quality work that you and your home deserve.